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Tour d'Horizon

 Music and Wonder describes two passions. Music is a sonic phenomenon, wonder is less easily summarized. There are more passions, but this is plenty to work with for now. The music stories support artist's projects. The wonder stories seek their own destinies, or perhaps provide cautionary speculation. CELEBRATIONS OF MUSIC: The Dream and Journey of Juan Sánchez , The Pond by the Old Cider Mill , Mysteries of the Crystal Healer , Giant Strides , IN MONUMENTS OF WONDER: My  View of the Moon , Typhoeus , Ghost Study ,  Exodus Mythos But wait! There is more... Cassette Mythos  Audio alchemy home culture nostalgia AMSA  My other day job BrainVoyager  Electronic Music Igloo  Magazine B Company Stories  
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Who are all those interesting people, and why is that one person so popular? What does one say to a real human being? I am sitting in a room. Many years ago (I was in my early school days) I created a pet that I named Typhoeus. At first it seemed that the creature would not make it, and I had chosen an impossible thing to do. I was trying to do something that, as I am thinking about it now so many years later, does not make any sense in trying to do. And this is also a crime against nature. Pretty bad. Today Typhoeus is 42 feet long, with a wingspan of 56 feet, probably longer now as it has been some time since we got out the measure. Hungry for sure. I am not sure how long Typhoeus will continue growing. We have long surpassed the normal lifespans of bats and of snakes, which is barely a few seasons usually. So many years we have kept our secrets. Having had such unusual success at such a young age did change everything, but I had to learn to survive in a suspicious world and not be n

My View of the Moon

I move around them and live among them, and they have no idea who I am. Their words terrify me, what they do horrifies me, and yet here I am and I intend to continue to do my work. I know that if I just let them continue to imagine they know everything, they will be content, and give their thoughts over to, oh, I don't know, what to buy tomorrow or what game is coming up next. "Hail victory!" I secretly laugh, and proceed with my hidden progress. The distant war is always growing closer, the war continues. The war festers like a hurricane. We hear the thunder almost constantly, rolling off of the mountains. Nobody talks much about the war but I can see it. When there is talk, what remains is confined to the game results and the messages about better living just ahead, with righteous victory. The sound and the fire signs signaling in the distance are what troubles me. I know better than to discuss this with anyone. I just keep to my business. The average person I see every

Believing in Your Own Magic

 The dream and journey of Juan Sánchez The dream of Juan Sánchez as an instrumental music composer is to tell his own stories without lyrics, which allow people to connect with the music on an emotional level. He does not want people to only listen to his music, he wants them to feel it and connect with it. As a pianist, he hopes to play live concerts around the world in the coming years. "To hear music is one thing, but to feel it, it’s just another. I prefer to feel the music as when I only listen to it, I do not get the same level of satisfaction." On a deep level, music is language for emotion. It allows us to express feelings that we can't quite express or feel with language. Music is also a feeling and story. "When I was really little, my parents would turn on a cassette tape in the tape player in my room for me to fall asleep to,” he shares. “Only it didn't exactly help me fall asleep--I would stay awake listening to it because I would imagine a story to g

The Pond by the Old Cider Mill

  In 1883 there was a man, named Claude, who lived in France in a house very near a barn that was once an old cider mill, with beautiful gardens where he grew flowers gathered according to their colors, and he left them to grow rather freely. Claude had many projects and many friends with interests ranging from literature, affairs of the world, color theories and collecting Japanese woodcut prints to botany, horticulture and nature. And he liked to paint. In the present day there are two people, named Dudley and Dean, who once visited that same house and old cider mill with the beautiful ponds and gardens. They have a garden of their own at their home, also with rhododendrons, azaleas, irises, lilies and a willow tree, plus a pond nearby. They have many projects and many friends with interests ranging from healing music, chakras, affirmations and relationships to environmental issues. And they like to make music. Dean and Dudley Evenson share many parallels with Claude Monet, they brea

Mysteries of the Crystal Healer

  Chakuna Machi Asa is a transformative sound healing artist who creates New Age music and also practices in the ancient tradition of overtone chanting and shamanic drumming. She holds certifications in Massage Therapy, Reiki III, Therapeutic Kinesiology, Crystal Healing Therapy, and Reiki Drumming. She graduated with a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University with specialized studies in abnormal psychology, philosophy of love and justice, shamanism, and world religions. Her post graduate studies have included Peruvian Shamanic Healing, Herbology, Guided Meditation and Natural Health. Her spirit name, Chakuna Machi Asa, was activated in an ancient indigenous Peruvian Shamanic ceremony. The name comes from the Quechua word Machakuna which means Ancestor. If one chooses to pronounce “Machi” as Ma-Ki (Ma-Qi), it roughly translates to “my energy,” which she believes she has carried with her from a past life to this one so that she may use her gifts to transmit these healing vibes. T