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Tour d'Horizon

 Music and Wonder describes two passions. Music is a sonic phenomenon, wonder is less easily summarized. There are more passions, but this is plenty to work with for now. The music stories support artist's projects. The wonder stories seek their own destinies, or perhaps provide cautionary speculation. CELEBRATIONS OF MUSIC: The dream and journey of Juan Sánchez , The Pond by the old cider mill , Mysteries of the Crystal Healer , Giant Strides MONUMENTS OF WONDER: The Flip Flakes Caper , Troubled Sleep , Zebra Island , Voree and the Outlands ,  Nova Hearth While we are getting introduced, this might be a good time to present biographical notions. This is an exploration of the world of dreamers who create invisible treasures, and the realms of actors, liars and other story tellers, so much awaits. BrainVoyager  reviewer of electronic music Ello (B Company posts)  my day job Subrobo  visuals Phinuit  the dark experiments The Remaining Puzzle  the old haunt

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